Date night

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Date night

My wife and i have been planning a date ight for sometime, and finally all of lifes complications got out of the way. To bring the /fantasy/">fantasy to life we had to arrive seperatly and not see what the other was wearing. i arrived at the bar and spotted her sitting at the bar talking with some guy, she had been there for awhile and i could tell she was having a goodtime. She was wearing a short skirt and long black boots. and a brand new top that showed a good portion of her 36d tits. I played my part and waited my turn to buy her a drink from across the bar. It did take awhile, but as i drank the hornier i got. finally i made my way over and "introduced" myself.

We talked and then she took a shot and pulled me on the dance floor, she was dancing and grinding her body into me like when we started dating, I grew hard as she rubbed her ass into me. After a few dances, we sat down for a breather, and about halfway thru the drink a guy came up and asked for a dance, she smiled and took his hand. i watched her dance and grind into this guy for acouple of songs. She came back and asked me what I xxx thought, so i grabbed her hand and placed it on my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, and told her i could watch her do that all night. Then another one from their table came over and asked for a dance, but this time she said give me a minute I have to go to the bathroom.

I watched her walk in and out of the bathroom, when she came back to the table slipped something in my hand and walked onto the dance floor. I looked in my hand and she had given me her panties, and they were hot and wet. We had dirtytalked about gangbangs and threesomes but that was all.

She was really putting on a show for all of us. I could tell she could feel his hard cock against her and it made her push even harder. She took turns dancing or nearly fucking them on the floor, i was so horny i couldnt think right, the next thing i know i invited them to our booth and began telling stories about her as if i just met her. She joined us in the booth and the next thing I know I said hey why dont you show us your tits, we were in the back corner of the bar and it was so full no one would of noticed anyway. She smiled and lowered one of her straps exposing her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples.

The guys screamed then demanded more. I nodded and she complied, this time she lowered both straps and her tits cascaded out. Her nipples were so hard, I reached over and squeezed one, she squeeled in delight. Then the guys took turns squeezing and rubbing her tits, the two next to her lowered their heads one on each tit and began licking and sucking. After they stopped, I felt something hit my leg, then her eyes rolled back in her head. Yep the were banging her and she was loving it. Both guys were in perfect rhythum, they each had two fingers deep in her pussy. I could see her arms moving up and down as she massaged their cocks.

The one on the right got up after a minute or two and let his buddy slide in. he kissed her and told her he had something nice for her,and then I seen her wince and then sigh, she told me later he had got his fingers wet and then stuck them in her ass. The guys banged her ofr about twety minutes and she came over and over.

After they finished she sat for a couple of seconds then slid under the table. I watched as the first guy smiled big I could see his hand rubbing her head as she sucked his cock. he came quickly, and she worked her around the table to each of us sucking and slurping our cumm. After she had finished, she stood up and thanked us all with a kiss and walked out the door.

I stayed for another beer and talked to them and when I left i said thanks for the memories, and told them she was my wife, and I better get home before she finishes herself off.