Girlfriend and my best friend

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Girlfriend and my best friend

I always had this weird /fantasy/">fantasy on seeing my girlfriend, Louisa fuck my best friend, Aaron. I have been with Louisa for more than a year and I am actually the jealous kind of boyfriend but it always turned me on to imagine my girlfriend /friend/best-friend/fucking-my-best-friend/">fucking my best friend. At first, I did not know how to speak to her about it but I always knew she finds my /friend/best-friend/">best friend handsome and /cute/">cute.

Once, I woke up to my girlfriend sucking my cock. I was so horny and I turned her and we were in a 69 position. After which, I was fingering her and while licking on her ears, I whispered that I had a dream of her fucking Aaron (a dream that I had made up) and it turned me on so /bad/">bad. After hearing, she came almost instantly and begged me to fuck her pussy. I then knew what she wanted...

We did not really talk about what happened that day after that until one night we all went out to a club together with several of our friends. Louisa, Aaron, me and many more. I had ever told Aaron about this fantasy, he was not keen at first but he admitted he had ever masturbated himself fucking Louisa. Louisa was the wwwxxx not a tall girl, she had a flat tummy, C cup breast and a meaty and smack-able ass. She is also someone who is sexually active and loves sucking cock and even ass rimming. 3 of us were all 20.

So we were at the club, after much drinks me Aaron and Louisa headed for the dance-floor. I was hugging Louisa and she was grinding me with her ass grinding on my cock while Aaron stood in front of us swaying to the music. Louisa was wearing a black bandage skirt that was short enough to show her beautiful legs and a black translucent button shirt with a black tube inside.

While we were dancing, Louisa turned around and we made out. She groped my dick through my jeans and rubbed it while I was cupping her beautiful breast. She suddenly whispered to me: 'Seeing Aaron there made me thought of the dream you had.' I was rock hard instantly I knew she was hinting something but I dared not suggest it.

So, after making out some more I told them I needed to go to go the gents which I didn't. So I told Aaron to take care of Louisa and winked at him, I kissed Louisa and said to her ears : 'baby, I have to go to the gents, I'll leave you in Aaron's care first okay?'

After leaving the dance floor, I sneaked to the other side and got on one of the stairs of the podium where I had an clear angle towards them. They were dancing slowly swaying together, after awhile Aaron hugged her waist and put his hands on Louisa's thighs. I could clearly see him kissing her neck and Louisa laid her body on Aaron and moved her hands wwwxxx toward his cock and stroked it through his jeans.

It turned me on so badly and I was already rock hard seeing my girlfriend in the dance floor behaving and dancing like a total slut towards my best friend. She turned around and they kissed for a long time. I had to get a closer look and I started walking towards them, keeping a distance. While french kissing, one of Aaron's hands were in her skirt rubbing and squeezing her /ass/sexy-ass/">sexy ass cheeks while the other was at the front stroking her pussy. Louisa's hands were in Aaron's jeans and shaking his cock!

Louisa suddenly closed her eyes and was kind of moaning and I knew Aaron had his finger in her pussy. My dick was about to burst out of my jeans as I walked outside to have a cigarette. About 5 to 10 minutes later I went back to look for them, they were only hugging and dancing when I reached. They pretended nothing had happened but they didn't know I knew everything!

After which, all 3 of us headed back to Louisa's house. She had a king sized bed. Once in her room, I stripped down to only my boxers and went to bed with Louisa. Aaron slept beside us with only his top off. Me and Louisa were making out under the blanket and started to pet each other.

I took off her skirt and her shirt leaving her with a black g-string and her black tube. I was /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking her so fast and she was moaning. She also grabbed my cock in my boxers and shook it. She whispered: 'baby, please fuck my from behind I need your cock in /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy now please I'm begging you!' I told her I wanted her to suck me dry and that I'd go bathe first for her to do it and left the bed leaving her horny and wet...

I purposely left the door opened a little gap so I could peep later on as I knew something would happen. I pretended to on the toilet lights and closed the toilet door while I headed to her kitchen for a cigarette. After which, I sneaked back to the door of the room and pushed it open a little.

Once I had a view, I saw my girlfriend in doggy position still wearing her g string but her tube was pulled down to her stomach exposing her black and pink lacy bra sucking Aaron's cock so hard that slurping noises were made. Aaron was naked and enjoying every moment of her mouth.

She lifted his legs and started to tongue his /asshole/">asshole. Aaron was moaning and said: 'you fucking slut, your boyfriend is bathing and here you are sucking my cock and asshole. You like being a slut don't you?' Louisa replied : 'yes baby, I'm your slut, only you. I'd let you fuck me on the dance floor if I knew he wasn't coming back. Please let me feel your cock in my pussy baby.'

She then stood up, took off her g string and forced Aaron's fully erected cock into her pussy and rode him like a mad cowgirl. She was moaning so loud, as if she didn't care if I'd hear them a not. Aaron took off her bra, sucked and played with her nipple. She was moaning:' Oh yes Aaron, your cock feels so good baby. I'm gonna come!'

She started cumming and then stood up, and started to rub her very wet shaved pussy on Aaron's face and went down to suck his still erected cock and anal. Aaron pushed her away and made her kneel in a sexy doggy position and shoved his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in her and pounded her like a /bitch/">bitch. He started to /spanking/ass-spanking/spank-her-ass/">spank her ass and pull her hair.

'Oh yes Aaron, punish me, punish this bitch for being so unfaithful and letting you fuck me like a little doggy slut baby.' Aaron's sperm was building up in his balls and was gonna flood Louisa with his sperm. He screamed: ' baby I'm gonna cum!!'

'Cum anywhere you like baby, fill me up with your /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum, fuck me, fuck me, I'm gonna cum too!' Aaron moaned and shot everything he had inside her slutty pussy as Louisa started to cum and screamed. Aaron pulled out and shoved his half erected cock into Louisa's mouth and she sucked it hard and clean licking every drop on his cum left on his cock.

They stood up and wore their clothes while I rushed back to the toilet to have a quick bath. After I got back, they were both asleep and I woke and dragged Louisa to the living room to make her suck on my rock hard cock then bend her over the sofa and pound her till I came in her too.. She knew I was very horny for her pussy but didn't know why..

There is a part 2 which involves me openly watching them fuck then join in for a /hot/hot-sexy/hot-and-sexy/">hot and sexy 3way. Please comment if you want me to write further! Thank you so much for reading. Everything I stated was 100% genuine!